Creativepatel works wholeheartedly dedicated to creating work that matters.



Other than having a weak spot for cakes, Chand loves designing (of course) listening to a fusion of music, dancing [not so much the singing], Chand also has over 10 years of experience in designing, putting colours and fonts together, drafting and making those little mistakes along the way only to strengthen the final design piece. Chand at Creativepatel started her own small business helping individuals and businesses invest in bespoke design, printing services and solutions.


Implementing the traditional hand-rendered touches and the sleek digital designs for your social media ads and websites. Chand gives her clients the best of both worlds, helping them create and invest in the future
they imagine.


Chand has real talent, quick wit, dedication and attention to detail, putting her heart and soul into each new project, making all design work a success, and the results reflect this intense passion for all things design.



Need your wedding stationery set designed to a bespoke logo for a website that also needs designing for

your business? 


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